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Thank You!

Hello everyone!

A quick thank you to everyone who read this blog during our trip. It was a great comfort to know people were connected to our mission and were praying for and thinking of us. We returned safely on May 3rd at 12:30pm an enjoyed PIZZA at the airport with both our families.

For me, Alicia, jet lag hasn’t been too bad. I’m having an interesting time adjusting to life here, but it’ll all come back soon enough. I haven’t driven or been to Wegman’s, and I think I’ll keep working in the house for a while. I’m constantly converting US dollars into Bangladeshi taka and constantly being blown away.  When I walked into my house, I stopped and said “it is so beautiful” and started to cry. The immense gratitude I have for my position in life is beyond description. God has blessed me with so many wonderful things. Family, home, being born in America, an education in a system that works, etc. etc. etc. WOW!

Here’s a picture of Boo and I at the ariport. We were so happy to see our families. We tried to walk at a normal pace from the terminal to the doors, but I kept walking fast and as soon as we saw them we started running!


So thank you again for everything! We are getting used to the time, the food, the lifestyle. Soon I’ll be going back to work at Wegmans, Boo will start Grad school and life will return to “normal”.  I’m not really looking forward to it. I miss B-desh with a passion and pray and hope that the experience will not soon leave my heart and mind.



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